Implement the ability to only see certain type of links in the graph

By this point you are probably familiar with folgezettel. It is generally implemented through alphanumerical IDs prefixed to the note name. However, I believe that it is unnecessarily tangled with these IDs, folgezettel can be implemented through normal links and structure notes especially with the addition of graph.
Obsidian already does this, it is only missing one thing, being able to designate the actual links.
I want to be able to observe these folgezettel sequences through the graph. Currently it is awkward because Obsidian takes all the links which can result in a rather overcrowded graph and unclear sequences. To fix that we could designate which links will be/won’t (one or the other doesn’t matter which) be shown in the graph.
The app Neuron implements something like this so it should be possible.
Neuron links
Folgezettel Heterarchy
It would ideal if it would be toggle-able whether to show all the links or only the folgezettel ones.


This has also been discussed as “semantic links” and “logical links” in other threads. I don’t think it would be specific to Folgezettel. Being able to embed information and data types in the links could have a lot of great general applications.


I was looking for the same as Shandi and tried searching the forum, but I didn’t find something. Or to be more specific, I want to know whether there is a possibility to mimick neurons three bracket style [[[]]].

Could you point me to those other threads?