Implement a Tangents-like note-creating mindmapa

Taylor Hadden has created a nifty note-taking app called Tangents. It’s a riff off Obsidian in many ways with a few improvements but one major new feature:The ability to use a Mindmap to as research tool. The Mindmap lets you create new notes on the fly and lets you save particular configurations of notes. Think of it as an editable, customizable graph of sorts. This would be great in Obsidian as a feature but I can also see this as a plugin. The link below points to the section where Taylor begins to demo this specific feature.

Taylor uses Obsidian and says Tangent plays nice with existing vaults. I heard him explain the niggles he had with Obsidian that led him to build an app rather than a plugin. They’re not important to me but I understand where he’s coming from. I’d rather see this in Obsidian rather than using two different note-taking apps (a la Obsidian/Logseq).

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I second this, I see more and more toold implementing mindmapping as well pkm and that spacial/visual approach is ringing deep inside of me. You can even see Heptabase going far beyoung just “mindmap” but having the nodes be the actual notes that u can edit in place :

As I see those concept florish in other products i would like to get a statement of direction from the developper as to wheter or not they think they gonna embark in that journey as a core feature or feel that it’s just something that plugin developers can develop. Depending on their answer i can decide more clearly where i stand in the middle to long term with the tools i need to choose to fit my views :slight_smile:

I created a thread to collect the various posts around this subject.