Images linked in publish.css no longer appear in password protected Obsidian Publish sites

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add links to .jpg or .svg files within your publish.css file, with relative urls like background-image: url('assets/blah.jpg');
  2. Add appropriate .jpg and .svg files in assets/ folder
  3. Publish a site
  4. Add a password to published site

Expected result

The images should appear

Actual result

Images do not appear (401)

Additional information

I first noticed this in early October 2022.

Example from publish.css that does not work:

.modal-bg {
  background-image: url('attachments/images/telescope.jpg');

My hunch is the buckets where Publish vault images are stored were changed to be password protected or perhaps the CSS is being loaded before the user enters a password? Though this still does not work if you have entered a password in a previous session and the cookie is stored.

send an email to [email protected] I am not sure I can help you debug this.