Images inserted with other editors does not work in obsidian

Things I have tried

I tried to fix some links in obsidian but with no success. Apparently if I insert an image into a note with Obsidian then I can see that image on every editor, but not vice-versa.

What I’m trying to do

I need to open several md notes created with Typora and MarkText into Obsidian, everything is fine but Obsidian does not read images, I can’t manually fix all links because there are too many. Here is what happen:

On Obsidian I disabled Wikilinks and set the links to “relative file path”.

Apparently Obsidian think it’s a link to a note and if I click then a new note will be created with the same name of the image in the same path.

Hope I’ve explained myself well. Thank’s for your help.

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