Images from Vault in Admonition

Things I have tried

I paste the image as normal, but it won’t load inside the Admonition block. I tried copying the Obsidian URL with right-click and pasting in it, but it also doesn’t work. I noticed that images on the internet are loaded normally by copying the link and pasting, and are loaded in the format “![](link)” as usual. So i tried generating a link to the image via Google Drive, as everything in my vault is saved there, but even if the generated link is set as “anyone with the link can see…”, it doesn’t open in Obsidian, and is shown as a broken link.

What I’m trying to do

I think i might have exausted all my ideas in the moment…

If this doesn’t have a workaround right now, I might remake this post as a plugin request.


Any luck in your research ?

Loading embeds inside markdown rendered by plugins was removed in an Obsidian update. It was re-added in Obsidian v0.13.19 that released last week.

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