Images dragged into Obsidian: Cleanup

If I drag an image into the canvas of obsidian, a copy of the image is placed in the bin/images directory as per my set config options. If I delete the image from my canvas, the image remains in the bin/images directory.

It seems to me that after a while, the images directory can get bloated with images not used any more.

Is there a way to get a report of all the images that are not used in either a Canvas, Excalidraw file, or a note?

Regards, Donald

What I’m trying to do

You could try the Janitor plugin, which is made to help you do stuff like this.

There is also an older plugin, find unlinked files, but I’m not sure whether that is still working or not.

I found both in this thread:


I had problems getting “find unlinked files” to work, but I think it also works. The Janitor Plugin was easy to set up and is very helpful, except the new Canvas feature breaks it’s utility because images dragged into a Canvas are not searchable by Obsidian search and they all show up as images that are not linked to anything, even if they are in a canvas.

Once Janitor erases them, The Canvas they were on is left with “boxes with broken files”

The way around this until Canvas is searchable, could be to place images on Canvas as links (drag and drop holding OPTION on Mac).

Thanks for the tip about these two plugins!


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