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Sorry for newbie question but I’ve searched and probably just don’t understand the answer.

Say a I’m interested in pigs and have a link [[pig]] that I place in relevant text. Now I’ve imported a picture of a pig. How do attach the [[pig]] link to the picture in such a way that when I look at material associated with [[pig]] I see the picture.


You could try this in your note:

The **pig** (***Sus domesticus*** ), often called **swine** (pl: swine), **hog** , or **domestic** **pig** when distinguishing from other members of the genus...


The result:

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By default a link is text, and supposed to be text. Obsidian does however have preview of links, so if your note on pigs have an image near the top it’ll most likely show.

You could also try variations with an embedded image as the alternate text, but not sure it’ll look or work out.

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