Image Syncing Mobile Issues

Need some technical help. I’m using Obsidian Sync to sync between my laptop (Mac) and mobile (Android).

Syncing works fine but the images in the notes get downloaded into my phone’s photo gallery. And when I delete them from my phone gallery, the images get deleted from my Obsidian notes as well.

This didn’t help before and only started recently. Not sure if there is any way to prevent this from happening.

You could try adding a .nomedia folder to the attachments folder and subfolders. I haven’t used android in a while though, so I’d read-up on it a bit.

thanks for sharing!

Oh not sure why but the .nomedia file doesn’t seem to work. The image is still being picked up in the photo gallery

That’s unfortunate.

Hopefully a current Android and Obsidian user can offer some insight.