Image resolution goes way below the original image

What I’m trying to do

I’m dragging and dropping my images into my documents and the resolution becomes terrible. These are images using the snip tool. The images themselves are in good resolution, as I can open these from File Explorer and they show up fine.

But the Obsidian App, as well as in Obsidian Publish (which is more important to me) shows me the image in a resolution that makes the text almost unreadable.

Things I have tried

Yes I have searched these forums, and reddit as well. There is a solution about adding this to my css code, but I am not sure that will work for my published site.

.cm-contentContainer {
image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast;

Ok, so i added that to my publish.css file, and it did nothing…

I have also tried uploading my image to another website in it’s original resolution. This also does not work. It seems like the default resolution for Obsidian as well as Obsidian Publish is super low, making decent images impossible. Would love a solution, as that completely destroys my plans and weeks of work. Crappy resolution is just not an option

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