Image not showing properly (appear compressed)

This how some images appear on my vault either on reading or editing mode
Check chronic anemia image

This is how it actually looks

What to do please?

Does that happen when you use the default theme?

I have just tried with the default theme and it works beautifully! Didn’t think it was a theme issue
Thank you so much!
I guess I have to give up the cuteness of the bubble theme

Did you try switching back to the bubble theme? It might have been a passing mystery glitch. If it’s still broken, it should be fixable. It looks like the height has been set wrong or something.

If someone hasn’t filed an issue on the theme-maker’s Github page, you can do that so the theme can get fixed.

In the meantime, it should be possible to make a CSS snippet to fix it. It’s a little complicated if you don’t know how, but you can search the forum for help, or maybe someone will answer here with guidance (or maybe I can guide later when I have more energy).

Actually, you might be able to work around it by using HTML. Instead of ![imagename.jpg], try <img src=imagename.jpg height="480px">. Replace imagename.jpg with the actual name of the image (you might need to add the folders to the name). Replace 480 with the actual pixel height (outside of Obsidian, right-click the image and choose “Get info” or similar, and look for something like 640 x 480 — the second number will be the height).

I tried to switch back to bubble theme but the glitch is still there.
I will file an issue on the GitHub today since it’s a theme issue.
I don’t understand css snippets :sweat_smile:. I once wanted to insert a snippet but couldn’t. I don’t think I can do so on Ipad also. I don’t have pc
I tried the HTML method but it shows a broken image. I think it is a fault on my behalf

I am content with the default theme for now.
I can’t thank you enough. I was really frustrated

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