Image handling

I’m looking to move a large batch of stuff from Dropbox Paper into Obsidian, and the one thing that doesn’t work great is handling the images.

Today, the process to save an image locally is:

  • Copy the link from markdown
  • Visit it in a browser
  • Save as to the filesystem
  • Update the link in markdown

This isn’t great. It would be better if one of the following would work:

  • Dragging an image that points to the web into the files folder would save it to disk
  • Automatically cache all images to disk and update their links
  • Right click to save the image

I’m an experienced (but busy) developer so I might try to implement this myself, but is there any prior art on the topic?


@coffeefirst Have you began on this idea ? I’ll contribute it if you’re not working on it.

Similar requests can be found in Paste multiple images with text