Image files automatically deleted. Dropsync probable culprit?

What I’m trying to do

Looking to determine why the image is deleted from my obsidian project without a clear pattern to why. This has happened maybe two or three times over the last few months. I haven’t yet installed many other images to test it, so it’s just happened with the one image installed.

If it happens again I will disable dropsync entirely and report back if it happens again after that. It hasn’t appeared to occur at a regular interval yet.

Things I have tried

I have restored the image and re-synced via dropsync, which I use on my android phone to sync the folder. I use dropbox on my PC. I haven’t started using it often enough yet for it to be worth getting obsidian sync. I can’t see any option in dropsync that would lead to it deleting an image. When I re-synced, dropsync downloaded the image, it did not delete it. So it does not ‘appear’ to be the culprit.

I am not using OneCloud or iCloud or Google Drive etc.

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