Ignored folder not really ignored

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a new, empty obsidian vault. Add a folder called “ignore-me”. Optionally add other files and folders.

  2. Open the vault. Use the settings to ignore the folder called “ignore-me”. Save. Close the vault.

  3. Inside the “ignore-me” folder, make a new folder called “can-not-read-me” and chmod it so that it is not readable by your user. If using linux, “chmod a-rwx can-not-read-me”.

  4. Try to open the vault. You will get an error about not being able to read can-not-read-me despite the parent folder being ignored.

Expected result

I expected to open the vault and to have obsidian ignore the ignored folder and all of its contents. Even if not ignored, I expected it not to complain about not being able to read something inside an ignored folder.

Actual result

I was unable to open the vault at all. I got an EACCESS error.


  • Operating system: Pop_OS 22.04
  • Debug info:

Could not open vault. Cannot access command panel.

Additional information

This is not a bug. They are not ignored but hidden in some places of the UI and this is pretty clear if you read the subtext of that option.