Ignore/Whitelist/Blacklist for Obsidian Publish


I’ve just started using Obsidian Publish and quickly realized that since I have a single vault for both my private and public notes, there is a risk that I will inadvertently publish a note that was never meant to be public.

I saw this concern discussed briefly here, but searching the forum I couldn’t find any proposed/coming feature for avoiding making this mistake.

In the other discussion the use of a #private tag was proposed.
What I think would be awesome is a system where we can:

  1. Define a publish-ignore file (like a .gitignore)
  2. Mark individual files with something like publish: true / publish: false in the yaml metadata

The metadata value would take precedence over the publish-ignore file, making it so that files marked with publish: true would always be available for publish and those marked with publish: false would never be available for publish.

The reason for having a publish-ignore file as a complement to the metadata value would be that it would make it easier to exclude entire directories or types of files at once. This could also be combined with publish: true to publish just a few files in an ignored directory.

What do think?


I like the idea of having publish: true, publish: false in the yaml metadata. As I can add that when I am adding aliases to the notes.

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+1 to OP and this request
:heavy_plus_sign: :100: to the YAML suggestion. Clever approach

Or …

  • selecting pages to publish, or to exclude from publish based on a tag
  • for example publish everything within a folder except those pages with tag #personal or #nopublish

will be implemented in 0.12.12


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