Ignore folders in vault option

Use case or problem

I want to create links to file outside my vault to another file in the same file hierarchy as my vault that are relative and be able to have these preserved and work when I sync an entire hierarchy that also contains my vault. “file://” URIs can’t be used.

Proposed solution

Today If I have this vault:

  • topleveldir
    • .obsidian

obsidian would try to idnex and handle all of the files in otherdir and yetanother dir. If we had a skip list as part of the files and links settings, setting a skip list to “otherdir,yetanotherdir” would allow me to have my vault treated as today but I could create create links in a note to items in otherdir and yetanotherdir. . I can then sync this hierarchy (topleveldir) to other devices and notes with relative links would still work (I’d think) as they aren’t “file://” URIs which can’t work. Also seems silly to have obsidian index and try to process a bunch of files that have no meaning in the app

Related feature requests

perhaps instead of ignored the files / folder hierarchy is included but file contents aren’t looked at no matter the extension. so i can still navigate and open a file with a different app from obsidian, but no need to look at contents.

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This was already implemented in 14.6: