If I paste a screenshot immediately after I capture it, it breaks

What I’m trying to do

I usually study by copying and pasting what I read or see on my monitor to obsidian.

Sometimes, when I paste immediately after when I take a screenshot by window+print screen+s, it breaks into an icon.

When I paste it few seconds later, it’s fine and if I read the broken image in the reader mode, it appears ok.

The thing is I rarely use reader mode, so I want my images appear correctly at live preview mode.

Here’s a video of what happenes.


Things I have tried

I have no idea.

You are probably pasting the link before the OS has time to save the file. This would explain why the second pasting works and why it shows up in the reading view. If you hit crtl+r does it now render? if so, my theory is perhaps accurate. My suggestion would be to ignore the misrendering, keep typing and then close and reopen the note when you have your idea down.

Reasons for the slow file saving could range from the screenshot implementation to your particular hard drive setup. Without further information on your system no further suggestions will be helpful.

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