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Enthusiastic newbie here. I’m an historian of medicine and have been using Obsidian for a couple of months now as my sole software. I now need to split a specific project database off from the main vault to develop it to publication but don’t know how best to carry all of the many notes linked to the main Evergreens with me. I can display the notes for each Evergreen of course, but is there a way of identifying and collecting all of the notes linked to (and so relied upon) by those 30 or so Evergreens? Many thanks.

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Not sure this is the most efficient way, but you could just copy those 30 notes over. Maybe you give them all a special tag. Then in the graph view you could create a group and use that tag so that those 30 notes are all colored red.

Now you could just disable “Existing files only” in the graph view and all the non red nodes would be the notes that were linked to by one of the 30 notes. It’s a little cumbersome but at least you wouldn’t have to manually check your notes.

Another option is to use a Dataview query. But that would take a little longer to explain.

Good luck!

Thanks - I’ll give that a try. I’ve not yet explored Dataview but that sounds like a good idea too - especially if this is going to be a recurring issue.

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