Ideas for improving workflow (Taking quick notes from videos on mobile)

Things I have tried

Googling around, microsoft todo tasks

What I’m trying to do

Quickly take notes from videos /podcasts I watch on my mobile (& be able to access it easily in the future)

I watch a lot of informational videos on youtube. I use an app to download the videos offline & watch it later when I’m walking , all in one go.

I like to take notes or quick summaries off of videos. Right now what I do is- if I find an interesting point- I pause the video and write the actionable task/ idea in Microsoft To do tasks (using quick add from pulling down my notification screen & add)

Ideally I’d be going through this inbox once a week and put information in the right categories- but as I use the Tasks feature for various 5-30m tasks too. So it’s a dreadful process

I’ve been getting into Obsidian & I really think it’d be perfect if I can get those ‘quick notes’ directly in my obsidian. Is there some way to do this?
I heard somebody using Logseq for this- but I really didn’t understand how I can quickly add notes from locked phone screen.
I would love to hear other workflows too

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I tried a couple of markdown editor apps (epsilion, markor) and I’m surprised to see they don’t support this functionality


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