Ideas for emulating Day One and adding location data to notes more conveniently


I’m curious how other people add location data to their notes and whether there are more convenient (aka, automated and/or simplified) methods of adding location data to notes that I can learn from?

Slightly longer version

I like how Day One automatically adds location data to notes. I have read a couple forum posts in the past about adding location data using front matter and map embeds using plugins like Leaflet.

I’m curious how other people are adding location information to notes these days. Are there interesting workflows that simplify and automate the process of adding useful location data?

I’d love to be able to tell Obsidian to use my device location settings to locate me, and then add some metadata and a map based on that although I haven’t seen an integration that goes quite that far.

Are there, perhaps, workflows that may leverage Templater or something along these lines that can bake the location awareness into a template when the note is created?

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Thank you for this. I realised I am using Map View too. I also see from the GitHub repo for the plugin that the Obsidian Mobile app doesn’t have location permissions so that answers one of the questions I have, too.

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