Ideas For a Checkpoint

What I’m trying to do

I want a method do create a checkpoint inside a note so I know that I need to continue later.

Things I have tried

I tried using the #continue tag, but this creates so much pollution since many notes in many different folders would have the tag.

Maybe I could use Dataview on each note to check for the #continue tag, but I didn’t manage to make it work.

How do you create your checkpoints?

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:eyes: Also interested

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Search is really good in Obsidian, so anything unique works. I’ve used tkk and kakunin (Japanese for review, confirm) dropped randomly in note to remind me to go back and check something.

I also use single brackets for words or phrases that could be omitted. e.g.
..text someone at the last minute [if you were running late].

or for the best option to choose later:

This meant that [you / people] always had to...

You can combine them: [tkk-railway-name-at the-time].

An added bonus using single brackets [...]; they are considered “bare links” and you can target them with CSS to change the styling of the text if you’d like.

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Ok, but it would be the same as using tags, it’ll show everything in all the folders.

There’s a way to filter by folder?

Edit: Yes, there are!
And I created a bookmark with the results of the search, now I have quick access to them.

Would be perfect if I could attach this bookmark to a note.

Anyway, thanks for the tip, helped me to find a solution.

See this thread/post:

  • Define searchterm (#continue or any other tag).

Exactly what I wanted, except for the folder filter, it’s showing my whole vault, I’m trying to fix it with Bard.

On how to specify a folder, see further above:

It’s working now, but the tag symbol # bugs the search, I’ll have to use a unique word instead of a tag, but it’s still an amazing code!

Thanks very much for the help.

I had a similar requirement in the past and used a (different) DVJs query to put in a table files containing a hashtag+keyword combo.

I just tried the code with this combo of mine and I have no problems. I’m using the proper highlight syntax (see: '==$&==' in the code).

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