Idea needed: how to include podcast transcripts?

I’m looking for a workflow/tool/plugin to include podcast episodes into my notes.

Is there a good way to create transcripts from podcast episodes (if there are none available from the creators)? Has anybody already done something similar?

Thanks again!

I think there are two plugins available for this, but not sure if they work or that, or how are you going to implement that workflow.
The first plugin I’ve found is Audio notes, which basically generates an interactive way to play your podcasts, you have to download the transcription and audio tho.
Another plugin (I think it is what you want) is Transcription, it uses AI to generate the transcription of an audio or video, most likely is a paid subscription.
Podnotes is another interesting one, it is a podcast RSS embedded in obsidian, it autogenerates notes for the selected podcast, which you can try as well.
I have my own templater template for taking notes on media, which is basically a webscrapper that gets the metadata for the podcast/video.

Hey @dmtAt001!

I’d love to see your template for getting metadata from podcast/videos, if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

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