[idea] Most used words

A plug-in that return the most used words from file in :

  • All vault
  • Folder
  • Some tags

The plugin can take option to :

  • only look for a list of word
  • Exclude some word
  • Exclude file pattern
  • Include only file pattern
  • The number of maximum words returned (like the first ten, the first five… used word)
  • The length minimal of words to lookup. I think a good mimum is 5

After searching, a new windows open with the classement with : word : number. If you click on the word, you can create a new note with this name.

After you can search in your vault using obsidian to link the note with internal link or/and tag.


The idea is to find some pattern in documents to create connexion between documents.
For the moment, notes can be connected only by their name and not the contents.

So if you found that 5 notes use the same word, you can think you can create a new note called for this word and connect the other note by it.


All different language have their most repeated word.
For example, in English.
Exclude word on length can create false positive but I think it’s the best solution to don’t have “simple word” in most used.

But, I saw in python that it exist a TLK package that have the most “used” word for some language. Maybe it exists the same in JS/TS ?

But, I think it can be difficult to search and exclude on minimal length for non-latin characters (Chinese, Japanese…)

Also, I think the searching can take some time and CPU on big vault.