IDE style navigation (tab reuse on link opening, tab management)

+1 for this, or making it possible for plugins to do this!

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+1, I just say I would find the IDE-like behavior more intuitive and is what I expected at first (ref. Issue with multiple tabs with the same note open).

P.S. One thing I would add, is that even with the IDE-like behavior, I would still like the possibility of opening the same note in more than one tab/window. But to force this we could have some explicit trigger, like a Right-Click + Open in new Window or Tab menu option.

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OK, let’s say I have two documents, a planning doc and an ideas doc.
While planning I want to refer to the ideas doc, when I click it, it starts at the top of the document which is super annoying, because now I manually have to scroll to where I was last, OR, I have to manually find the tab where I last edited the ideas doc. This is not a minor use case, it happen multiple times each day.

Sure, browser navigation could be nice as an option if I want to test-browse through a markdown based web site for example, but as the default browsing mode it’s just a terrible idea imo.

It seems to me the current behaviour only works for people who only use short notes, or people who like to manually manage tabs and always remember which documents they have opened or am I missing something here?

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For IDE-proponents as myself, it might actually help if you would preserve the cursor and scroll positions for all documents (important: this would have to be done also for closed documents!) Personally, I don’t think I care much about the tabs or IDE-style browsing per se, but it is the tab state that is important.

I tried the no-dupe-leaves, and Quick Switcher++ mentioned here, but none seem to work (Obsidian v1.1.16)

Tried ‘No Dupe Leaves’ but it only works on links. If I click something in the file browser it doesn’t switch to the existing tab. Still, it’s a step closer to the light, thanks for creating that plugin.

Making it work for all ways a note can be opened and always switch to the existing instance would be wonderful.

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Just to add the experience of a random user who has thought about this way less than all of you: I keep ending up with many duplicate tabs of all my files open, and I don’t even know where they are coming from / which action I’m doing that is triggering that. The whole thing is definitely very unintuitive for me. (And yes, it is also not ideal that tabs get squeezed to the point where you can only see the “x”.)

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Navigate around pretty aggressively after creating new documents and will quickly end up with tons of useless tabs so I just end up closing them all and starting over. I have to spend time focused on tab management if I want tabs to be useful at all.

Firefox will direct me to a tab if I try to reopen it from the address bar or bookmark and I really appreciate that.

I don’t know if this will solve all of my Obsidian tabbing woes but I think it will help!

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