Icons from the plugin "tasks" are not displayed correctly

to my question there is already a question, but not answered. With me is the same problem:
I use Fedora (38) and the plugin “obsidian-tasks”. This works with icons for different priorities etc. of the task, but the icons are not displayed correctly:

Fehler Icons bei Tasks

I have also tried to uninstall all other plugins, but then it does not work either.

It looks like it is using characters that aren’t available in any font on your system. Try installing a font with wider Unicode support (probably one that claims good emoji support). You shouldn’t need to set that as your font in Obsidian — when your main font lacks a character, the other one should automatically fill in.

Ok, thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what the choices are. Can you recommend a font that I can install for support?

I think Google has some open source fonts that cover that stuff. A quick web search gives me this one: Noto Emoji - Google Fonts

I’m sure there are other options.

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