Iconic mess - bug

What I’m trying to do

I’ve searched around but I can’t find any help. In Obsidian iOS Mobile, the tooltips don’t reliably work when finding a Plug-in in the ribbon.

Worse, I’ve got 3 magnifying glass motiff icons for 3 different programs, 2 calendar icons, 2 multiple files with a + icons, and two icons that look like “paste” in most systems but have nothing to do with pasting.

In the mobile editor, I’ve got several “? in a circle” icons and tool tips seldom popup there either (using the fat finger pointer, or most portable non-Apple keyboards).

I’m looking for some way to “order” Ribbon Icons into groups as well as change all the icons styles in the ribbon. As well as change the icons in the mobile editor that have a “? in a circle” icon.

I also just noticed that the mobile editor icons and the ribbon icons for the same function don’t always match.

I’m new and eager to learn, but the icons are cryptic in Obsidian without tooltips.

Platform ios

[ x] iOS

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1. (83)

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