iCloud unsyncing files and getting stuck

Sometimes files are unsynced (removed from iCloud) and display a dashed cloud next to them.

CleanShot 2022-03-31 at 23.38.21

I’ve to get rid of most of the community plugins but I apparently didn’t find the culprit if that’s the cause.

My trick right now is to duplicate the file, remove the original and rename the copy to match the original name.
Once I did that with the entire vault.

I have no idea what’s causing it, and where to look for clues.

How can I dig further?


What OS? Looks like on MacOS?

It might be this setting that tries to automatically optimize file storage. And you might be able to disable that.

How to Enable or Disable Optimize Mac Storage - MacRumors

This is iCloud doing that, not an Obsidian or community plugin.

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Thanks Chris.
It’s macOS indeed. Obsidian is the only folder where this is happening though.
That being said, it’s probably my most active folder. Giving it a shot right now.

This comes up so much. Definitely an iCloud issue and not Obsidian. Whatever heuristic iCloud uses to offload files to their storage service is a black box, and when it does, it looks like your files are gone. Forcing iCloud to keep local files helps a bunch. Unfortunately there is no such equivalent setting on iOS/iCloud. Forum is full of reports with iCloud issues.

Well, all my folders were downloaded but it didn’t change anything to the status of these files :confused:
I rebooted, killed the bird process, no luck.

Oh that’s weird. So you mean it downloaded the folders, but your files are still missing in the cloud?

If you copy the entire directory somewhere, do the files get downloaded in the copy process? That kind of sounds like what you had already described in your first post about duplicating the files.

I hope you can solve this!

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I removed all emojis from my file names, and since then I haven’t had anymore sync issue.

Dropbox doesn’t accept syncing files with (most) emojis. iCloud seems to be OK with it on paper, but in practice that causes issues.

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That’s great to know. So many people seem to have unexplained issues with iCloud.

… what is this world coming to? Who puts emoji in filenames anyway? :laughing: :wink:

Haha, you’re right, here’s how I became that person…

I come from Notion, and I loved having emojis next to file names in the File Explorer or when linking to a file.

I decided to use iCloud to sync my file, and, to my surprise, it accepted the emojis in the filenames. I was happily surprised and started using that everywhere…

I always felt it was weird that iCloud accepted that, so that’s also how why I decided to give a try at stripping all emojis from filenames.

By using aliases, I still have half of the Notion feature. Hopefully there’ll be a way to have Emojis in the File Explorer one day :crossed_fingers: (I use the banner plugin to define emojis for most files).


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