iCloud Sync Problem on Windows OS

I never turned on the Obsidian Sync - only run iCloud on Win 10 sync with iPhone.

There are duplicate files generated in iCloud.


Does anyone have this problem?

Things to note during these duplicate files happen:-

  • Never open my iPhone
  • Never run multiple PCs

I am aware the duplicate files happen when writing notes.

We do not take bug reports about third party sync solutions. I have seen this problem reported by others using icloud on windows. It’s possible that this is an icloud problem on windows.

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Hi WhiteNoise,

The reason I don’t use the Obsidian Sync is limited storage (10GB per vault). I know it had been increased.

For my use case, I only use one vault for all so it’s limited to me. I wish to expand the storage.

Not problem not using obs sync. The issue may be how iclould handles rapid file saves on windows. Or perhaps, iclould is also one of those cloud service that pretends to keep file on disk but actually downloads them on every use. Either way, I can’t help much with iclould.

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Yea, I understand that. I have subscribed to Obsidian Sync too. I wish the storage can be expanded in the future…

You can close this thread. Thanks, anyways.