iCloud sync outside of Obisidian Directory

What I’m trying to do

With Google Drive (nee sync) changes I’m moving my data around and I’d like to integrate my files and vaults together.

Example: I have a bunch of table-top roleplaying games that I’d like to take notes on and add some metadata to - akin to a card catalog. I’m keeping it in a separate vault because I’d like to keep my general notes vault lighter in case I move to a different file storage system in the future, and my templates and metadata can better fit each vaults needs.

Is there a way to sync a vault with iOS via iCloud that can be outside of the Obsidian directory, or is this an iOS limitation? It’s not a dealbreaker but I’d like to have better control of where my data goes, eg documents go in documents not Obsidian’s folder. I see Obsidian as a file system os overlay.

Alternately I may just hook into Git repos for vaults, though iOS git repo apps have traditionally added to many steps to my workflow.

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