Icloud Sync Losing Files?

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to sync my notes between all of my apple devices, an iPhone, Mac, and Ipad.

Seeing that iCloud drive was a free option for syncing I chose it, however I have had some issues.

One file that I wanted to access no longer was available, and going into finder I was unable to redownload it locally.

Even going to the obsidian folder and pushing download to device didn’t work.

Using the file recovery core plugin I was able to confirm that the file I was trying to access did previously exist, but trying to edit gave me the failed to load error you can see above.

Eventually I had to go to the iCloud website, download the file place it in my local folder and delete the original copy, however even this did not immediately fix my issue.

If I did not change the name of the file it simply disappeared from my finder folder. The only way I was able to get around this was by redownloading the file, renaming it, placing it in the
appropriate folder, deleting the original file name on the website, and renaming the new file.

This is not the first time I have lost a note due to iCloud Drive being weird, and I would appreciate any advice on how I should proceed.

I want to be able to trust and use obsidian, but I can’t if it keeps losing files.

I saw that one solution is to turn off Optimize Mac Storage in settings:

However due to the size of my SSD (I got the 256gb Mac) that is not an option.

It is not Obsidian that should get the blame here, but iCloud. I have completely given up on using it for anything. Especially here where we do not have stable internet.


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