iCloud keeps downloading the whole vault after upgrading to MacOS Sonoma

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian on my Mac and my iPhone. After upgrading to MacOS Sonoma it took ages for iCloud to sync all the Obsidian data. Obsidian would not open through that period. After that it worked fine until yesterday when iCloud started to go wild and to download the vault again. All changes that I had done on my Mac disappeared and I have lost data this way. Today it is doing it again. I have not touched my iPhone Obsidian, so there is no newer data on iCloud. It always takes 15 minutes or so.

Things I have tried

Restarted everything on different occasions. Re-installed the Obsidian app.

I’m kind of wondering if it’s worth it to just jump to Obsidian Sync. I haven’t upgraded to Sonoma yet, and all the issues people have been having with Obsidian vaults syncing with iCloud has been the thing keeping me from upgrading, at this point.

Sorry, this isn’t helpful, I’m just sort of musing out loud.

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On Mac there is a setting to tell iCloud to always store local copies of everything. If you have enough drive space to do that, I recommend it.

Otherwise, I’m not sure. I’d try the old standby of restarting the computer in case it’s a random glitch. Similarly, you might do the same for iCloud — turn Obsidian’s permission to use it off and on again.

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