I want to develop a custom plugin for obsidian and I need your help!

I want to create a plugin for enhancing task management.
What I want is : -

  1. there will be daily page created for every day into a specific folder named “month” which will contain all the 30 daily page of this month. Everyday after opening obsidian you will be taken to the page dated today automatically.

  2. In every daily page , there will be task you need to do. If you check a task done then it will be gone from the page and on the top of the page there will be a progress bar .

  3. If any task is overdue then the task will be automatically added to the next day page.

  4. there will be a page which will be your task manager dashboard. From this dashboard you can add new task with date, time and priority. The task will appear on the exact date page.

  5. You can choose this date from a calendar. You can also choose multiple date. You can also choose a starting and ending date. Then the task will appear on every page from the starting date to end.

  6. As those task will have date and time added with them, our plugin will give you a notification 5 minutes prior to the exact time on your obsidian app.

That’s the initial plan for the plugin which will make those thing possible. I am new to obsidian and have no idea about obsidian plugin development. But I am a web developer and have experience on HTML, CSS and javascript. I have made websites and chrome extensions.

Now I want to know how I could start developing this plugin. I’m also looking for people to work on this project together. So if you like this idea and want to proceed on it please contact me. It will be really appreciable if you share your thought( suggestion , modification ) regarding this project.

I am not a native English speaker. So if you find any part difficult to understand please ask me.
Thank you for your time.