I want to add a URL separate from the title in Obsidian Publishing

I’m having a blast using it! Thank you I am using it.
I’m having problems using Publish in my native language and need some help.

Specifically, I want to add a URL to YAML, separate from the title.

title: “Obsidianアカウントを作成する”
author: “mojihokori”
date: 2021-01-19 10:25
aliases: [Obsidianアカウントを作成する]
url: “/obsidian/acoount-sign-up”

The titles of my notes are written in Japanese.
When I publish them, I’m having a bit of trouble because the address is a rather abstract pictogram.

For example, if I write my top page with an English title


However, a page with a title written in Japanese looks like this


As you can see, there are many strings of characters.
For me, living in a small island country in the Far East, this is a big deal.

I hope to use this app for a long time in any condition, thanks for the good app.


Does the following workaround work for your use case?

  1. Give your note an English name, e.g. “Account sign up”;
  2. Add an h1 that says Obsidianアカウントを作成する;
  3. Use custom CSS (publish publish.css in vault root) to hide the page header:
.page-header {
  display: none;

The downside is that the browser tab title will have the English name rather than the Japanese name…

Thank you very much.
Not all problems have been solved, but I can now write as comfortably as if I had a robotic crutch in my hand.
And here we are.

There are two problems, but I was satisfied enough.

  • I would be happy if the graph display was in my native language.
  • The address is fluid - it changes depending on the title.

I hope that someday when I can use my own domain, I will be able to specify the URL.
This is not a request, but a wish.
Thanks again.

You will be able to use your own domain soon, but custom page title may need to wait a bit longer.

Thanks for understanding!

I’d like this as well, but my reason would be to ensure that the URL doesn’t change in the case that my note file name or title changes (don’t want URLs to break!).