I tried using someone else's custom format for Readwise highlights, but it did not work out the same way at all

Things I have tried

I wanted to try out Eleanor Konik’s custom formatting for her highlights from Readwise because I wanted to try getting the highlight locations for each one, particularly for Reddit threads and Hacker News threads. I was planning on trying hers out before adjusting it however I wanted to. This is what the export looks like in her vault:

This is what it looks like in my own vault:

It gave me the IDs but not any of the links.

Now it’s not even giving me the ids. Just a heading that says “None.”

Both of these notes are synced highlights from Pocket to Readwise. However, even taking notes via the extension didn’t help.

This is what my code for my highlights looks like:

### {% if highlight_location != "View Highlight" and highlight_location != "View Tweet" %}{{highlight_location}}{% else %}id{{highlight_id}}{% endif %}

> {{ highlight_text }}
{% if highlight_note %}
- [n] {{ highlight_note }}
{% endif %}
{% if highlight_location and highlight_location_url %} * [{{highlight_location}}]({{highlight_location_url}}){% elif highlight_location %} ({{highlight_location}}){% endif %}

I don’t think I changed from Konik’s formatting?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to experiment with some custom formattings to see what I like. I really like how Konik’s format gives her a link to the text she highlighted, which is super useful for when I want to take notes/save comments and threads from Reddit, Hacker News, or even on the Obsidian forums. Is it better to just do that manually?

Honestly, I’m not even sure how I feel about the ID header on top of each highlight anyway. But I can’t think of any other way to nicely separate them. I don’t even think there’s a way I can use that ID to get to the highlight in Readwise? I was going to make a thread asking how other folks set their custom formatting up but then I ran into this problem.

This format seems to work really well with the Kindle highlights I have (I only started using it for an ebook recently so I don’t have a lot haha). However I feel like the heading both before the note and under the note is kind of redundant.

I’m thinking that maybe some of those if else arguments can work, depending on if it’s tagged a certain way or what category it’s in, but I don’t know how well that’d work.

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