I think we could hook into Andy Matuschak’s Orbit

Based on this documentation for orbit, I think it would be possible to write a plugin that would allow turning notes into mnemonic medium. I’m mulling over in my head what the best UX would be.

Here’s how I imagine it COULD work. Users could take their notes and embed prompts / questions for themselves into the notes, and then use Orbit to review. However, I’m not sure it would have any value. I do like the idea of a spaced repetition system with a nicer UI than Anki. But, Anki is a proven thing, and Orbit is much more of an experimental playground.


I concur. Also, it might be interesting to consider using LLMs to help with question(prompt) framing/reframing for future practice. What do you think?

I am not a hardcore developer, but I tinker with code. I would love to build this out.

Aside: Do you have preview access to Orbit? I think they stopped giving access some time back.