I need help identifying this theme…

Things I have tried

I was using a new theme earlier and fortunately I liked it so much I happened to take a picture of my screen, ha…. It was split screen with another application so I cropped the photo.

Edit: removed photo since it really made the theme look different than it is. I will leave the post up though because I appreciate the help and really like this theme…

I needed to export a pdf so I switched back to my normal theme. Now I have tried every theme I have downloaded and many I haven’t and cannot find this one again. I think this was dark mode. Perhaps I accidentally updated and the theme changed. Honestly, I am not one to switch themes around, but I have been experimenting with how the various themes export PDFs so I downloaded bunch of them. Now I am lost.

What I’m trying to do

If someone recognizes this theme, I would really appreciate the name of it. I should note that I had the left toolbar as well as the status bar hidden offscreen. I will delete this post after I hopefully get to the bottom of this since I am sure no one else will have this issue. I apologize to the maker of this theme. My photo and note layout doesn’t do justice. Sorry for such a stupid help request! Thanks so much!

I’m pretty sure that’s Blue Topaz.

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That is it! Thanks so much!

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fyi, adding a new theme doesn’t delete the old theme. You can have many installed and switch back and forth on the Settings>Appearance>Manage page.


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