I love this concept but am I too weak for it?

Hey all. I just found out about Obsidian and it’s like a dream come true, seeing the amazing things people are doing with it. Maybe it’s my ADHD or the fact that I am on the spectrum, but I want to know everything there is to know about Obsidian and how to use it. But it seems so complex and overwhelming at the moment.

It seems like coding is a big part of it, which is great because I have always wanted to learn how to code, I’ve just been too scared. Should I learn how to code first before trying out Obsidian?

Also if you have any resources/guides on using Obsidian, as well as learning to code, please let me know!

Thank you!

You don’t need to code to use Obsidian.

Just read the included help vault (also here https://help.obsidian.md/) and use it


Thank you very much.

Just curious: what gave you this impression? It’s important that Obsidian remains accessible, even though it’s extremely powerful.

Also, welcome! Lots of psychologically diverse users here, e.g., Trying to find a good setup for ADHD - #5 by amirography

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Thank you! I went down a youtube rabbit hole of videos and a lot of them kept mentioning gitub. There was also a lot of computer science words being used.

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I see you joined just now!!
There are some Grandfatherly advice I will tell you:

  1. Please consider learning how to Write stuff in markdown.Obsidian Basics: Markdown / How to format your Notes - YouTube
  2. Now consider watching this small video Obsidian for Beginners: 6 Keys to Markdown (2/6) — How to Use the Obsidian App for Notes - YouTube
  3. Now! some doubts I want to clear about Obsidian:
  • Obsidian doesn’t require any Programming knowledge except how to write in markdown, which to be honest is a very great skill if you want to write a book in the future or want to produce your own content! Trust me!
  • Obsidian has a very great GUI and only thing not implemented is the What You See Is What You Get editing mode, which will be added as a Typora-like editor in future!
  • Obsidian has a very strong community which has alot of plugins that they made for Obsidian Users. You can also customize from core plugins.
  • Obsidian is free to use but if you need publish and sync ability you need to pay some amount!
  • Obsidian’s Updates are ( as of making this post ) usually for Insiders when they release but after a day or two they are made available to all!
  1. Plus, If you are into note taking there is everthing to praise about Obsidian, some examples are : graph view, mind map plugin, linking, embed note blocks, themes :slight_smile: , and many more amazing features.
  2. You also can use a local graph view by clicking on the three dots (menu) button on top of everynote. You just need to open it once and then it will remain that way.
  3. PLEASE USE WORKSPACES!! I couldn’t emphasize more! just use them, Obsidian Workspaces | Be More Efficient When Switching Between Views - YouTube

And don’t forget to get started taking notes on Obsidian right away, As you take notes, you learn much about the tool you are using.
If you need any help just post a topic in the community forum.


THANK YOU! I appreciate it.

My Pleasure.