I lost my notes please help

i am not able to see any of my notes , it just says me to open a new vault and i dont know where is my data is in my system
i exported my notes from joplin for obsidian and from then i never saved my work or exported and today its all gone please help me
is their any way to recover that my files?

in which directory di you put your vault?

yes i checked that directory but the notes that i made from obsidian arent their even i cant see them anywhere on my system

which directory? what OS are you using?


and i am using manjaro
also i started working in that same dir of stuudy when i exported it from joplin

you exported from joplin to which directory?

this directory called “stuudy”

but you said you exported, if you didn’t move the files what do you mean by exported?

and this is also the only vault i was working on

i meant to say that i exported my notes from joplin before switching to obsidian

did you uninstall joplin? does obsidian even have access to the snap subdirectory of joblin?

joplin is still installed in my system and yes this was the only directory that i was working in

We don’t delete notes and I think Joplin doesn’t do it too.
One thing that comes into my mind is that the snap folder in your home might not be a good place to put your vault because it may come in conflict with the virtualization/containerisation approaches used by the Snap system.

okay i understood but how do i recover my notes now its all gone now

If you moved them you can try to find them using the find command.
If they have been deleted, you can try a recovery tool but it’s gonna be tough.

i literally did that but
find / -name ‘obsidian’ 2>/dev/null

but i am getting nothing out of it which is related to my notes or any link from where i can trace back them

it’s better if you search for the name of one of your notes than ‘obsidian’

i just check it but i cant see my recent note on which i was working on