I have a file that freezes Windows

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the file
  2. Try using Obsidian further

Expected result

The note opens and the workflow continues as normal.

Actual result

You cannot open any other note(It may come a little bit later). You can close obsidian. You cannot select anything on the desktop. The system will show you “Microsoft Windows is not responding” window. If you shut down the process, it will reload Windows and after that you can repeat the steps and have the same result


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

Additional information

Here’s the file:

GTD.md (56.3 KB)

I can’t reproduce any problems. Can you post a screen recording of this happening with this file (please keep safe mode on and disable any themes)


Sorry for recording via phone. Here’s the video. The only thing that is not like I mentioned before is that I can’t shut the windows process down.

what’s your installer version?



Honestly, I have no idea. Try disabling HW acceleration. in settings about.

I think that last dialog says Windows is out of memory. Check if you have any other app hogging memory in the background using Task manager.

I tried to see and it looks like there’s some problem just with obsidian and it’s perfomance. Last time it freezed while indexing my vault(it sometimes redoes it because of the google sync) and it also freezed windows. The GTD file had not been previously opened. Obsidian was taking ~50% of CPU power and there was 86% total CPU max(everything else was below 50%) and still everything got freezed. I also noticed that when I try to open another file after freeze, it shows empty tab and the file name shows No file.

P.S. The tab says «Microsoft WIndows is not responding. It may respond if you wait»

It didn’t help :worried:

Also, everything works fine on android.

Hmm wait, so it has nothing to do with this specific document, something is consuming a lot of CPU there. When you close down Obsidian, is it still running by task manager? If you kill the app via task manager and restart, does the problem go away?