I created a very basic plugin for showing a page count in the status bar

This is based on AVR’s plugin for Reading Time (GitHub - avr/obsidian-reading-time) which I just repurposed and changed some labels. I also was just shown a way to have it show a decimal place, which is handy for pages, since now it doesn’t round to the next page.

Like with the Reading Time plugin, you have to tell it how many words per page you’d like. The default I put is 300, since that’s what it seems I’ll be using for my purposes. For reference, that’s in English with A4 page layout and double line spacing.

Prior to figuring out the decimal place, it was just showing the next page number. E.g. if you put in 300 words per page and you have 750 words in a note, it would show you 3 pages. Now it shows it as 2.5 pages.

If anyone’s interested I created a repo; not sure if this is done correctly though. GitHub - ReaderGuy42/Obsidian-page-count: Based on AVR's plugin for Reading Time, this gives a page count based on how many words you tell it you would like per page.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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That is very helpful.

Thanks so much for your work.