I created a social network on top of Obsidian

It’s been a while that I wanted something like that. I love to own my notes and keep them locally, but there are times where I would like to share something and get some feedback. So I spent the better part of the last 4 or 5 months building a plugin that does that and plugs directly in Obsidian.

It still has some rough edges, and definitely needs more polish, but it’s working.

You can try it here: https://www.sekund.io/install

First and foremost, it’s a social network, so you have to start adding people to your contacts. Once they have confirmed that they know you, you can start sharing your notes with them, and they will be able to do the same. When people see your shared note, clicking on its title in the plugin will download the note in a special folder called __sekund__ in their vault, which means that they will be able to link to it. There is a commenting UI which supports markdown, and even emojis.

Notes downloaded in this way are meant to be read-only and updates to your notes will be instantly visible to people with whom you have shared them. You just have to hit the “Update” button after you have made some change.

Inclusions are supported, which means that direct dependencies: included notes, images, videos,… of your notes will be sent alongside you original note.

There is a group functionality as well.

I am currently experimenting with a feature that lets you see how many people have linked to your note. It can be conceived of like an improvement to the “like” functionality in conventional social network.

Next steps include the ability to publish a note, thereby making it available to everyone.

Mind that the plugin is still in beta and it looks like there are some weird interactions with other plugins, so if it doesn’t work for you, or behaves strangely, please tell me and, if you can, send me the list of your currently enabled plugins.

Curious to know what you think of it.


Here’s a screenshot:


That looks super cool! maybe move it to #share-showcase, since this is a finished plugin, not an idea. I really like the concept of this, just which I had friends who used obsidian :sob:

That makes me think that groups could be made public, so people could join existing groups and make new friends there.
I am also working on publication, which is also a way to foster the idea of an emerging community.


I re-posted to #share-showcase before realizing that I could not delete this post. So unfortunately I am now guilty of double-posting. Sorry!

Include a video demo, like a short clip of 30 seconds and attach it to your first post. It will really help in quickly giving an idea of what the plug-in is and what it does.

I recommend you add it to your GitHub as well.

Your work looks great :+1:


Thank you for this thoughtful plugin. Your updated github instructions and videos really clarified how I may want to use Sekund.

This will definitely make correspondence and atomic note sharing much easier. Especially among people that I work very closely with.

I have one or two questions:

  • Are the comments searchable if I want to refer back to a specific point?
  • If I remove a shared note from Sekund, but decide later I want to refer back to old comments. How can I best do that?

Thanks again!

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You have a point. I am currently evaluating ways to improve the commenting experience to include the comments in the note itself.

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Hi Candide, starting to explore using this plugin. Seems good so far :+1: What are the prospects for mobile support?

Hello Candide, I use Obsidian with my college students and I think your plugin would be great for sharing notes amongst the class students. I was wondering though, lets say I ask students to post their «note in progress» so I can comment it. What happens to my comments when the students updates their note ? Could they ( or I ) erase my comment if they are no longer relevant to their updated notes ? I presume that only I would have access to my comments, so maybe I could use check marks when a student has integrated my comment in his note.

I believe this relates to the general problem of commenting on non-permanent posts.


Your are making a greatest plug, Dear Candide, one that makes local files online, private files sharable or public. Thank you so much. Looking forward to polishing and improvement

Not working when I try to register

Sorry I wasn’t alerted on comments to this post, somehow.
You are right, every comment should be related to a specific version of a note.
Feel free to open an issue on Github about this.
There is already a related issue (by @stoweboyd) about inline comments, which I think is relevant to your concern.

Please DM me your email address, and check your Spam folder as well.

Thank you Yanhua. I’d love to hear about the polishing and improvements that you’d like to see!

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This plugin won’t receive any more updates. It is, in other words, in need of a maintainer. If you think you could be that person, please contact its author.

Too bad, it looked really promising! Is it still working with the current version of Obsidian?

I removed this banner. There will be updates to this plugin.


Hi @Candide, I heard about your plugin on a Youtube video and got really excited about it, but I see it is no longer available–I’m curious what happened? :frowning:

Does anyone know of any alternatives?

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