I can't use obsidian software on xiaomi pad 5 pro

After I downloaded the app, I granted all file access permissions, but when I created the workspace, the app wouldn’t open the file manager properly when I selected the workspace location. The device I am currently using is xiaomi pad 5 pro, and the system version is miui14.0.5 based on android 13

For the specific process, you can view this video (you may need to download the video and then play it frame by frame)

If necessary, I can use email to send videos to you. The current feedback method does not support the upload of videos or other attachment types.

97_1705761032.mp4.zip (229.6 KB)

This is the zip file of the video corresponding to the above question. Unzip it and watch it frame by frame.

What if you just enter a vault name and tap create?

The folder /storage/emulated/0/Documents will be used directly as the storage area, but the original file content will be tiled into the document content. I cannot select other folders, so the content in the document folder will be messed up.

I don’t understand you