I can't seem to re-order the tabs in the left sidebar

Steps to reproduce

In your left sidebar, have the following panes:

  • File Explorer
  • Starred
  • Search

Try to reorder by dragging-and-dropping tabs. When I drag, I see the purple cursor appear and move around to indicate where the drop will land. But when I drop, nothing happens.

If I add the Tags pane to that group, then curiously that pane can be in first or second position but no other possible ordering is possible.

Expected result

Reordering of panes in the left sidebar group should work, as implemented in 15.3

Actual result

Described above.


Obsidian Version 0.15.9 (installer 0.15.9)

  • Operating system: macOS 12.5 (Monterey) Apple M1 Max (ARM)
  • Debug info:
    The console gets these lines when I try to reorder

Additional information

I tried Restricted Mode with the same result.

I tried myself in the sandbox vault where it is working without any problems. Did you try that as well? If that works, the problem should be rather theme-related.

Ah yes it was my theme. More specifically, my CSS snippets.

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