I can't filter stuff the way i want in dataview plugin

Things I have tried

So here is what happened :

I rate my notes out of 5 stars and I want to filter them based on their stars and after digging a while I found the data view plugin and its uses(I haven’t fully learned how to use it)’(also with Under “Rating” I put stars)
But anyways, I tried filtering notes based on stars using this part:

table file.name as "File", Author as "Source", Rating, file.ctime as "Created On", file.path as "File Location"

from #socializing 
where contains(Rating,"⭐⭐") 
sort file.name asc

What I’m trying to do

But the problem is it is also showing notes with 2 or more stars(like notes with 3 or 4 stars), which I Don't want. I just need a way to filter just the 2 star notes

So is there a work aroud?

Because :star::star::star: also “contains” :star::star:

Does a simple = not work?

where Rating="⭐️⭐️"

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