I cannot paste anything in Obsidian


Just installed my own instance of Obsidian on my Synology as a docker image. Synology with DSM 7.2 and installed the image per the instructions on this site.

All went well, but I cannot past anything in a note. I can create new notes, and I can type text. But pasting a link or whatever text juast doesn’t work. I can select a link or lines of text. Either pasting it with CTRL-V or selecting right mouse button and select ‘Paste’ doesn’t work. The browser screen freezes for a few moments, but nothing is pasted. The same also happens when I try to login. pasting my userid or password doesn’t function either.

It appears I do have some sort of overlay, but I guess that’s part of the docker image implementation and not from Obsidian itself. But maybe someone here has had the same problem ? Any help is appreciated !

UPDATE: I checked the instructions on github from sytone, the creator of the docker image and it appears you need to paste twice to get external sources into the note. Tested it, and it works. It’s cumbersome in my opinion, but it works for now.

Best regards,
Andy Kannberg

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