I cannot figure out what is wrong with my Daily Notes links?


I have recorded a short, 3minute video that illustrates my problem, because i think it comes across clearer that way.

In short, I am trying to create links back to specific daily notes, but it wants to create a brand new file. I can’t figure out why.

I type in [[2021-03-23 | Tuesday, March 23, 2021]] which is my preferred Daily Note syntax and even when it finds that existing entry in the database, clicking the link still creates a brand new file called [[2021-03-23]] and puts it in the wrong location.

Love any help Thanks!


Good video - and don’t have an answer BUT I do see when you click on the link that you THOUGHT would take you to the DAILY NOTE you already have and obsidian actually creates a NEW DAILY NOTE - I noticed that the created note is in the ‘default’ daily note format, so it looks to me that there is something in a daily note that identifies it as such and yours are not, so obsidian tries to create a new one; I wonder if it has something with he default naming convention you are using…

Well, I think you are just confusing the Obsidian with your file name! Although technically it is possible to include the pipe as part of your file name, keep in mind that the links formatted with a pipe are meant to show a display name or an alias: [[file name | alternative text]] or [[file name | alias]]


Yeah, I was thinking my syntax was part of the problem. Thanks for the quick responses!

In fact, it seems that the pipe itself is a forbidden character. If you create your files in Obsidian, it won’t let you use it. How did you create your daily note?

if you put | in a filename you should get warning. Do you get a warning?

In the Daily Notes Plugin, I have YYYY-MM-DD | dddd - MMMM Do, YYYY as my Date Format syntax. It seems to work fine, but I could easily change it.

It has no problem automatically creating a file with that as the filename.

there is no problem in creating a file with that name but linking won’t work. If you try to name or rename a file with | or [ or ] you should get a warning.

I am more than open to suggestions on a better way to create a chronological filename structure for my Daily Notes!

Yup, it was the Pike Character that was messing things up. Changed it to --- and it works

@whitenoise and @argentum - shouldn’t there be an error message when using the pipe symbol in the Daily Notes Date format field in the Plugin Options page?

Just tried this with the Daily Notes plugin settings on v0.12.10 and no error message appeared. But a warning did appear when creating a new note and inserting a pipe in the note name field.

For consistency, should shouldn’t the same warning appear when using the pipe in the Date Format field in the plugin settings?