I am using database folder plugin

What I’m trying to do

I am using database folder plug in , in that facing issue for formula field
I have to fields start date and end date

in formula box i am adding this

${db.js.calculateDuration(row.Start_Date, row.End_Date)}

in js file adding this

function calculateDuration(startDate, endDate) {
if (!startDate || !endDate) {
return null; }
const start = luxon.DateTime.fromISO(startDate);
const end = luxon.DateTime.fromISO(endDate);
if (!start.isValid || !end.isValid) {
return null; }
const duration = end.diff(start, ‘days’).days;
return duration; }
module.exports = calculateDuration;

for linking i placed the file (name : → js.js) in javascript folder
and selecting this folder in formula settings

but this is not working …can anyone help me with this

Try also at the Discussions page of the plugin.

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