I accidentally created a vault with an impossible name (Windows)

I’ve created a new vault, decided to name it with random letters and symbols and accidentally put a dot at the end (apparently you can’t have files and folders with such names on Windows). It didn’t have an impact on work of the vault in Obsidian (only graph sometimes behaved weird). I noticed the problem only after a decision to visit the vault’s file on my computer. I can’t interact with it (I tried to rename or open it but system gives me an error message that folder is linked to an unreachable destination), system says that the folder itself is empty. I also tried to open it again as ‘Open folder as vault’ but it gives the same error, however the already opened vault works fine.

I don’t think the issue is the . at the end.

I think an ability to create folders with such names is the problem. You can’t create them manually, system won’t allow it happen, so Obsidian also shouldn’t let Windows users to create vaults with impossible names to prevent conflicts.

You can’t create through the window explorer UI but you can access them. I can. So your problem of accessing that directory is not related to the dot at the end.

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