Hyphen symbol inside the indented list item doesn't have it's own style when `tab` is used

Hyphen - doesn’t have its own style when tab is used to indent list item. When double space is used, hyphen has its own style. See dev tools below:


Steps to reproduce

Copy and inspect

- list
	- indented with tab
  - indented with spaces

Expected result

Hyphen gets its own style

Actual result

Hyphen doesn’t get its own style


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19

I can’t reproduce.

Here’s demo

is this the help vault?

I have just created a new vault and copied over the contents of the existing one, everything works as expected. No sure what was causing the bug.

Solved, thanks!

Plugin or Theme likely the cause.

@WhiteNoise have found the issue! It appears if you change the tab size to something else (I set it to be 2), the bug appears. Tested inside Help vault: