Hundreds of (temporary?) files

Just noticed, there are hundreds of (temporary?) Obsidian files located in /private/var/folders/dh/bcqgthrx4j93blfwdlbf3y640000gn/T/ folder:

Is this expected?


  • Operating system: Catalina 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.3
  • Using custom CSS: no

Additional information

That’s not something I’m aware of. Seems like some kind of temporary file but I don’t think we’re doing from the app.

Any idea what they contain?

They contained parts of Obsidian help files. They are gone now after system restart.
One of my vaults is located in Dropbox folder. Wild guess: these are temporary files needed to sync folders.

I don’t sync and could only find one md.obsidian file on my system.

Maybe the docs are contained in zip file and this is the byproduct of the temporary unzip?

Ah I think that explains it. Seems like performing a system level file copy using Electron does that.

Will fix in the next version.