Human readable timestamps that auto convert to current timezone

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to add some sort of datetime tag to a note. This tag would be stored as unix or UTC time so it can be automatically converted to local time.

I want all of these features:

  1. Add timestamp with hotkey
  2. Timestamp is stored as UTC or unix time so it can be converted to local time
  3. Timestamp converts to a human readable format
  4. Can setup auto formatting for the human readable timestamp

Part of my goal is to have a way to tag a whole note, header, or some other divisible section of a note with a datetime. That way I can open a note, see the time it was created, and then lookup other notes around that date.

It would also hopefully make it possible to do a full timeline off all of my dated notes.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried using Natural Language Dates. But it seems to just create a note for the specified date.

I’ve also tried Obsidian Timestamper which is nice. But it seems to only create a human readable timestamp without any timezone information. So it wouldn’t autoformat if opened in another timezone.

I haven’t tried Templater yet. But it seems like it does a more robust version of what Timestamper can do.

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